nani IRO Arianna Jacket

A simple coat calls for an awesome print.  I sewed up the Arianna jacket in the lovely nani IRO Pierre Pocho Canvas from Miss Matatabi and lined it with the coral double gauze by Cotton and Steel (with a bamboo wadding lining).  This particular print isn’t available at the time of this post however keep an eye out for other gorgeous canvas prints in the Miss Matatabi etsy store.

The jacket is a large fit however will still be a great for next winter.  I now have coat envy! I’m thinking I need to tackle the Coco jacket or the Mona for myself.

I’ve enjoyed participating in nani IRO month this year as it has pushed me to start using some of the beautiful prints I have been stalling on.







nani IRO month: birds eye Antalya dress

I am flattered to write this post as part of nani IRO month over on the Miss Matatabi blog. I was first introduced to nani IRO and Miss Matatabi through the Japanese sewing book series You and Mie hosted back in 2013. I have been hoarding sewing nani IRO prints since.

nani IRO Antalya dress

The birds eye double gauze from the 2015 spring collection in the ranman  colourway screamed party dress to me.  Since it is winter in Australia (abiet Brisbane experiences very mild winter weather) I sewed up a size 3 Antalya dress for my daughter with room to fit when the weather warms up.  The Antalya dress is from Kid Approved and is part of the Willow and Co collection.  I modified the back to have a simple placket.  For my next version I plan to modify the back to have an invisible zipper to improve ease to get in and out of the dress.  I love the combination of the double gauze and this dress pattern, the softness of the fabric feels very luxurious.


A friend was kind enough to organise her two daughters to join in the photo shoot.  My daughter adores both girls. The other two dresses featured are a Geranium dress and Bohemian baby doll dress.

The geranium dress features the same birds eye fabric and is paired with a plain mystery fabric from my grandmother’s stash of fabric.

The Bohemian baby doll features the birds eye double gauze in the hinemosu colourway and is paired with a plain double gauze (previously available from Miss Matatabi).

Frances always has the full nani IRO 2015 collection in a fluctuating state of in-stock or on re-order, so if the print or colourway is not in the shop it won’t be long before it is again.

Be sure to check out the other posts as part of nani IRO month and the amazing giveaway. Thank you for stopping by!





nani IRO Hide and seek dress

This month is nani IRO month over on the Miss Matatabi blog.  To celebrate the month I have been sewing a few garments with nani IRO fabric and will be sharing a project I made with fabric from the 2015 collection later this month.

I have been trying a few long sleeve dress patterns and am rather taken with the ease and fit of the Hide and seek dress by Oliver + S.  I had originally planned on making a garment for myself with this gorgeous fabric by Nani IRO (sen ritsu MP – mezzo piano with subtle metallic accents, part of the 2014 Autumn / Winter nani IRO collection by Naomi Ito for Kokka) however when I opened the parcel my daughter ran off cuddling the fabric and claimed it for herself.

The 100% brushed cotton is a wonderful fabric for cool weather garment sewing just a Frances suggests.  The fabric is currently out of stock in the Miss Matatabi etsy store at the time of writing this post however other colourways and prints are available in the brushed cotton.

I made the Hide and Seek dress for a Winter party we hosted for my mother in law, it was perfect for the cool night air.

I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern however for the next version would enclose the sleeve cuff seam as my daughter often pulls it down.  I would also consider extending the sleeves to be full length rather than the 3/4 length.

Oliver + s hide and seek dress in nani IRO


For more nani IRO inspiration check out the Miss Matatabi blog.

See you later in the month with another nani IRO project!

I am also linking up to the Sew + Show link party this week over on Straight grain as I enjoy seeing all of the creations shared each week.


Thank goodness for sew alongs!

Charcoal emery bridemaid dress
Charcoal Emery bridesmaid dress in double gauze

I was lucky to be bridesmaid for a best friend recently.  All the bridesmaids wore black and were given free choice on their preference of dress style.  I chose to make a charcoal Emery dress for my dress in double gauze from Miss Matatabi

I purchased the Emery dress pattern feeling ready to tackle a pattern with a zipper closure. I read through the instructions and thought, uh oh, maybe I’m not quite ready for a paper pattern with a zip closure!  Luckily, Christine hosted a sew along in 2013 which I discovered after some googling. I found the sew along gave additional tips and photos which made the dress construction clearer. Well lets face it, I wouldn’t have been able to insert the zipper and finish the dress without the sew along instructions and tutorials.


I hand stitched the hem (and bodice lining) as I kept picturing Christine shaking her head at the thought of the hem being machine stitched (based on her comments in the sew along instructions).

Did I make any modifications?

I made a full bust adjustment following the instructions in the sew along and opted for a sleeveless version.  To finish the arm holes with a lining I followed the instructions for previous similar garments I have sewn (e.g. Geranium dress).

Would I sew this pattern again?

Yes! I will try a patterned fabric with sleeves next.

Invisible zipper success
Invisible zipper success



Winter dresses: Bateau dress


As mentioned in a previous post I have been working on a few winter dresses for my daughter. I was keen to check out the bateau pattern after seeing Jess’ versions. My daughter fell into the size 3 category for her chest measurement. Once sewn up, I found it a bit too big so made a second version in the 18 month but kept the size 3 skirt to ensure sufficient fabric over a cloth nappy.  The 18 month still has plenty of room.  The fabric is a cotton jersey from Girl Charlee.

Bateau dress sewn by Skye Little



My daughter has narrow shoulders so I sewed a neck band instead of the turn down technique.

Will I make another version:

Yes, but I think I prefer the empire style on a toddler tummy and a bulky nappy.  I plan to make the A line dress version next.



Apron style Geranium dress

My little spring 'apron' geranium dress

I purchased half a meter of this ‘my little spring’ double gauze from Miss Matatabi and wish I had purchased more.   Unfortunately I can’t see anymore listed.  I am starting to learn with double gauze, if in doubt, always buy more!

I eeked a Geranium dress/tunic out of the half meter and adore it!  I used a plain double gauze for the lining, also Miss Matatabi.  The apron is a Nani Iro pink spot, again, from Miss Matatabi.

The pocket is cotton fleece worked in stocking stitch from Tangled Yarns.

Apron Geranium dress

As per usual this version included my favorite finishings for the Geranium,  french seams for the skirt section, blind machine stitch hem and hand stitching the bodice lining.  I also used a different placket for the back opening to conserve material at the back (haha yes, 2cm was critical!).  I’m not sure on the technical name for this technique as I learnt it in a Japanese pattern book.

As you can see, already in frequent use which is lovely.

Action shots of our apron Geranium dress

Next project, a flower girl dress for this young lady!


Easy short sleeved kimono dress in Nani Iro

I had planned on making an Emery dress for a wedding we were attending in Palm Cove however started tackling the muslin much too late.  After realising the Emery dress would have to wait, I opted to make the easy short sleeved kimono dress by Pattern Runway.  I had the pattern ready to go after making a linen version last year.

Nani Iro Easy short sleeved kimono dress

Did I make any modifications?

I have found the skirt section to be a good fit based on the recommended sizing however needed to take the top section in significantly.

Will I make another?


The bride and groom had indicated they love bow ties.  My husband rarely wears bow ties however I was able to convince him it would be great to make one in the same Nani Iro fabric as my dress.

Pattern by Sew like my mom
Pattern by Sew like my mom

I found the pattern and tutorial by Sew like my mom excellent.  We browsed YouTube for tutorials on how to tie bow ties.  Tying the bow tie didn’t go so smooth on the day however all was well in the end.

Did I make any modifications to the pattern?

No, however we did over estimate the sizing and it was around 2 inches too long.  On the day we pinned the back to reduce the length.

Will I make another?

If the occasion arises yes! My husband received lots of compliments, especially  when he was able to untie it towards the end of the night and they realised it wasn’t a clip on.  Next time I will opt to have button holes at the back to make it adjustable.

Nani Iro bow tie




Modified pristine swing dress and Nani Iro

I am planning to sew up a few comfy knit dresses for Winter.  For this knit dress I modified the Pristine Swing dress pattern (by Blank Slate patterns).

Modified pristine swing dress (sewn by Sew Little, pattern by Blank Slate Patterns)
Modified pristine swing dress (sewn by Sew Little, pattern by Blank Slate Patterns)

I love the original design however wanted to reduce the sewing time and have a different look for my second version.  I used the beautiful  Nani IRO Kokka Fuccra in light butter yellow from Miss Matatabi for the woven section and pocket.

Nani Iro pocket
Nani Iro pocket

The pocket has a crochet trim in cotton fleece yarn by Brown sheep from Tangled Yarns.  I have had the knit for some time and cannot recall where I purchased it unfortunately.  My first design for the pocket was knitted in stocking stitch however it looked like a random mitten on the dress, and not in a good way!  Contemplating a second pocket on the other side.  The fit is still a bit big however that is mainly my fault for printing out the pattern incorrectly.  It always pays to double check the print settings!

Any patterns you enjoy and recommend for Winter?

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